What is nonviolence and what are its principles?

The beginning of the year violence –also known as nonviolent resistance– rejects the use of violence physical to bring about social or political change. … «Nonviolent action is a technique by which people that reject passivity and submission can carry on their fight without violence. However, why is it important to practice nonviolence? the not-violence […]

What does the province of Madrid include?

It borders on the provinces Guadalajara, Cuenca and Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha), as well as those of Ávila and Segovia (Castilla y León). The Community of Madrid It is uniprovincial, so that there is no deputation. its capital, Madridis also the capital of Spain. In any case, how many inhabitants does Madrid Spain have in 2020? […]

What does ludic mean?

It is known as playful to the adjective that designates everything related to the game, recreation, leisure, entertainment or fun. In any case, what encourages ludica? The playful encourages the psychosocial development, the acquisition of knowledge, the conformation of the personality; the capacity playful it is developed by articulating social psychological structures (cognitive, affective and […]

How do you abbreviate Wisconsin?

The abbreviation zip code for the state is WI. So, what to see in Cincinnati in one day? Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. 3,780 opinions. … Great American Ball Park. 2,861 opinions. … Cincinnati ArtMuseum. 1,065 opinions. … American Sign Museum. … Smale Riverfront Park. … National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. … Roebling Suspension Bridge. […]